Tony Blair Please Go Away!

To start with this weeks basic bitch, I throw out a question. Why won’t Tony Blair go away? Despite ending his time in political office as Prime Minister in 2007, the man refuses to exit the public arena. Amidst the political turmoil in Iraq, in which the Sunni al-Qaeda breakaway group Isis have taken control of many cities and towns Blair has yet again come out of the woodwork. This time in his renewed attempts to convince people intervention is still a good idea and the current crisis has no link to the invasion of the country in question. Outlined on his website through a lengthy essay titled ‘Iraq, Syria and the Middle East’. To start with I have to say, it really doesn’t take a genius to see the correlation between the invasion and occupation of Iraq and growth of fundamentalism. Perhaps decisions taken, such as the disbandment of the Iraqi army sheds some light on this. However, the problems Iraq faces are multi-faceted, and I am not going to do them a disservice by attempting to explain them in one blog post. What I can do its provide you with an understanding of how basic Tony Blair has become.

Firstly, I will never listen to the likes of Blair in regards to foreign policy until it he alters his perception of the rest of the world. The Middle East is not one homogenous place it’s diverse in many ways, particularly its politics. It would be misleading to assume Iraq and Kuwait are the same country or face the same problems. Blair’s claim that “We need a plan for the Middle East and for dealing with the extremism world-wide that comes out of it” reveals this historical ignorance. Blair attributes the current issues to the sectarianism of the Maliki government, a statement I will not attempt to counter argue. However, consider the arbitrary colonial boundaries drawn up by the League of Nations who paid no attention to the ethnic make-up of people who lived there. We cannot simply start the clock at 2001 and ignore all past history.

I would never normally consider George W Bush a person to take advice from but Blair would do well by following his lead by quietly retiring from politics. It appears that Blair, or as many like to refer to him as ‘Bliar’ (lawl), simply cannot reconcile the idea that he will forever be associated with the deaths of over a hundred thousand Iraqis and an unjust, illegal war and occupation. People are not going to conveniently forget that he went to war against overwhelming public opinion, under false pretences. Perhaps he would do well by remembering the poignant words of Karl Marx ‘History repeats itself…the first time as a tragedy, the second time as a farce.’ Blair is an absolute farce and an embarrassment to British politics.

The man who, ironically, holds the title of Middle East peace envoy just attempts to stir up wars which no one has the appetite for it. Closing his essay with a hollow High School Music-esque line “We have to put aside the differences of the past and act now to save the future.”  is revealing of his inflated sense of his own importance. (He’s like a bad smell that won’t go away!) In reality, we are not all in this together I recognise that bombing Syria or Iraq will not cause the death and destruction of me and my family. Blair needs a serious dose of reality, and recognise that his time is well and truly over.



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